Q:   I’m confused by the large number of models in the Snooper range
A:   Click here to view the simplified Snooper products Summary and Comparison chart to help you select the Snooper model that is right for you.
Q:   Are sat nav and speed camera detectors easy to install and are they transferable from vehicle to vehicle?
A:   All Snooper sat nav and speed camera detectors are very simple to fit. They come with a windscreen bracket to attach the unit to the inside of the screen and normally power or charge from the cigarette lighter socket. Snooper sat nav products can also be mounted on car specific air vent and consol brackets if you would prefer a more 'professional' installation. Even when mounted in this way though they can still be removed from your vehicle and transferred easily if necessary. Both sat nav and speed camera detectors are completely portable and can be easily transferred between vehicles.
Q:   Do Snooper sat nav systems detect laser?
A:   Snooper sat nav systems do not have the ability to detect laser, however Snooper sat nav systems will include many mobile sites within the database. These sites will be where the Police often user mobile laser guns or vans and although there may not always be a laser trap at this point the alert informs you that there is a high risk that one could be there.
Q:   How up to date are the maps?
A:   We ensure that whatever unit you buy it has the latest map version available so that you are not faced with the prospect of having to update it shortly after making your purchase.
Q:   What accessories are included?
A:   All units come with a suction cup bracket to mount the unit to the windscreen and a power cable to connect it to your vehicles cigarette lighter socket. There is also normally a USB cable to enable you to connect it to a PC to update it and most sat nav systems will come with a carry case to protect it when not in use.
Q:   Do I have to put the maps on to the device myself?
A:   No, the maps are normally preloaded on to the device itself or on to a small SD card that comes with the unit.
Q:   How long does the battery last on a sat nav system?
A:   The battery on most sat nav systems normally lasts around 3-4 hrs during normal use. We recommend that large screen systems are powered continually during use from the cigar lighter power lead supplied.
Q:   Do sat nav units have voice prompts and alerts??
A:   All sat nav systems now have voice alerts and prompts as well as on screen instructions to direct you to your destination.
Q:   Where is the best position to mount my Snooper?
A:   The best position to mount your Snooper is about 10cm up from the base of the windscreen at the centre of the dashboard, using the suction cup bracket provided. However bear in mind that there is probably only about 10% difference between the best position in the windscreen and the worst. No matter what mounting method you use simply ensure that your Snooper is in as horizontal position as possible and has a clear view through the window of the road ahead. Pay particular attention to ensuring that the unit is not sitting directly behind the windscreen wipers.
Q:   Are Snooper GPS Alert Systems easy to install?
A:   GPS Safety Camera Alert Systems are designed for quick and easy installation. All devices can be plugged simply into the cigar lighter but can also be connected directly to the vehicle with the hard wire lead provided.
The unit itself can then normally be velcroed into position on the dashboard or attached to the windscreen with the suction cup bracket provided. No professional installation is required and the unit can be moved easily from car to car.
Q:   Are Snoopers Legal?
A:   Yes, radar detectors have been legal in the UK since Jan 98 when a motorist challenged a conviction in the court for using one and won. However they are not legal in all countries, they are illegal in France for example.
Q:   How do GPS and Laser detectors work?
A:   The GPS Safety Camera Alert System locks on to satellites orbiting the globe.
Via a GPS receiver the Safety Camera Alert System compares the exact position of the device and compares it with a database of GPS co-ordinates for speed camera locations and accident black spots.

The device checks the vehicles exact position every second. This state of the art technology also offers the user many additional features, including the exact camera type, range and even the road speed limit.

Most systems offer an array of other features to allow the user to customise their unit. Further to this all Snooper GPS camera detection systems include built-in laser sensors so can detect mobile laser speed traps as well.
Q:   Instead of 'beeping' my Snooper now makes a 'clicking' noise when it detects radar?
A:   This means that you have turned the Auto Mute function on. When this setting is on your Snooper will beep 3 or 4 times when it first detects a radar source and will then emit a muted clicking sound.

Use the Mute button to turn this function on and off whilst the Snooper is not detecting any radar. For further information review the Auto Mute section in your owners manual.
Q:   How does Radar Work?
A:   How does radar work? Police radar transceivers, including Gatso cameras and Radar guns, operate by sending out radio signals at a set frequency which are reflected by the target vehicle.

The reflected signal's frequency is shifted in direct proportion to the vehicle's speed and this shift is used by the transceiver to calculate the vehicles exact speed. How do detectors detect radar? A radar signal is conical in shape much like a torch beam. At 200 yards, the normal operating range of a radar gun, the signal can be as wide as a dual carriageway. most of the signal therefore, goes past the target and on up the road reflecting off trees and houses etc eventually becoming 'radar scatter'.

Snoopers are extremely sensitive radio receivers tuned to these frequencies and can detect very small particles of 'radar scatter' at up to 2 miles in some cases. Are Radar Detectors Legal? Following an Appeal Court ruling in January 1998 we have been advised that it is completely legal to own and use a Snooper Safety Alert System in the UK. It is illegal in France and Belgium and we strongly recommend that you check local legislation before using this product outside of the UK.

How can you detect a Gatso camera? Although Gatso cameras face away from the traffic and operate at very low power they still emit 'radar scatter' which can be detected by a Snooper, albeit at a much reduced range. As Gatso cameras are positioned in known accident 'Hotspots' advanced warning from a radar detector can ensure that you are concentrating fully through a potentially hazardous area. How effective are radar detectors?

Our range of radar detectors can be highly effective as they have been designed specifically for use in the UK and Europe to detect most speed monitoring systems currently using a radar or laser beam to determine your speed, effectively ensuring that you are fully aware of both your speed and your surroundings. And now the introduction of GPS technology on some of the more sophisticated safety warning systems ensures that you can be made alert of more police speed monitoring systems than ever before.
Q:   Is there a subscription fee for downloading the speed camera database?
A:   Some sat nav systems offer free camera databases and updates, but the content of these databases is not as accurate. The data provided is not professionally managed or verified. This means that it will not be accurate and will miss some cameras, it will also mean that it is not updated on a regular basis.

At Snooper we are fanatical about the accuracy of our database and as a result it is has become the most comprehensive database with cover stretching across all of Western Europe. We charge a small subscriptio fee our camera updates, but our databases are far more comprehensive, include mobile sites as well as fixed sites and are updated daily to ensure they are always up to date. If you really value your license though you will realise it is a small price to pay for total protection. Anything less than 100% is simply not enough.
Q:   Where do sat navs power from?
A:   Speed camera detectors and sat nav systems will power straight from the cigarette lighter socket or can be wired directly to the car’s electrical system if you don't want to have them plugged in. Most sat navs have an in-built rechargeable battery so do not need to be connected to the vehicle at all, although they can be charged from the cigarette lighter socket when necessary.
Q:   What is the best speed trap protection I can get?
A:   The Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT model is our latest and top of the range system. For All Round Speed Trap Protection together with Satellite Navigation we recommend the S8110 Pro Range, S6900 Pro Range, S6810 Pro Range, SC5900DVR Pro Range or the S2700 Pro Range as the answer.
Q: Which Detector do you recommend?
A: The ultimate and our latest speed trap detection system is the Snooper 4ZERO Elite BT, the 4ZERO Elite BT includes 4 in 1 All Round Protection. This model is state-of-the-art and excellent value. With built in direct Laser and Radar detection, Fixed or Mobile you won't miss a camera.
Q: What are Laser Diffusers?
A: These units are installed behind the front grille, they emit a constant transmission that will diffuse any laser beam directed at you making it impossible to get a speed reading on any laser gun. The unit gives an audible warning so you know when you are being targeted. These can be considered to be perverting the course of justice and although nobody has yet been prosecuted for using one of these the legality of these units is a grey area.
Q: Are radar detectors and GPS systems easy to fit?
A: Yes it's simply a matter of fitting to the windscreen or dashboard using the mounting kit provided (No drilling required). Then simply plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter and away you go. As the devices are portable they can be stored in the glove box out of sight when not in use.
Q: Is there anything radar detectors don't detect?
A: Standard radar detectors are not able to detect Specs/Truvelo systems. These systems use two cameras around 250 metres apart that photograph your number plate. Their numbers are few and as long as you are aware they shouldn't cause a major problem. They are detectable by the GPS Systems such as Snooper combined sat nav systems. The AURA database on the 3ZERO and 4ZERO models will also detect and provide alerts to this type of speed camera.
Q: What is a mini Gatso?
A: They are the mobile cameras you often find at roadwork's. These cameras are tripod mounted. They operate on the 5th KU Band these are not very common.
Q: What is the Truvelo system?
A: This is easy to spot because it's a forward facing camera with pressure strips across the road in front of it. The time and distance of a vehicle's wheels passing over these strips are measured to calculate speed and a photo is then taken if you are considered to be over the speed limit. Like the SPECS system the photo is taken using infra red so you do not see a flash. These are only detected by GPS Systems.
Q: What is laser?
A: Laser guns project an infrared beam which again is reflected by the target vehicle. By timing those reflections the laser can determine the target's speed. Laser beams although smaller than radar, are also conical and scatter in the same way. Laser scatter can travel many miles and can still be detected by a radar detector's infrared system. Both Radar detectors and GPS System have a laser detector built in.
Q: What is SPECS - SVDD?
A: A SPECS is a system based on state of the art digital cameras with number plate recognition. Its also referred to as a Speed Violation Detection Deterrent, SVDD. The SPECS system comprises of 2 digital cameras that are at a set distance apart, your numberplate is photographed as you pass each one and your speed between the 2 is calculated. Each of the cameras has infra red beams either side so you don't see the traditional flash as you are caught. These cameras are set at least 200 metres giving you some chance to slow down as long as you see one of them. As you pass they both take a picture and are digitally time stamped. The system calculates the time between these 2 photographs against the distance they are programmed apart and if your photos are timed too close together it knows you were speeding between the two points. These can be detected by all Snooper systems operating with the latest AURA database.
Q: How effective are Truckmate and Ventura large vehicle navigation systems?


Truckmate and Ventura systems are highly effective. But don't believe us! They have been independently tested and reviewed, receiving many accolades and awards including the SED road transport award for excellence and just recently independently reviewed by Trucking Magazine becoming overall group test winner.

Recent Customer Testimonials:

John Beddow is an HGV driver for Uniloads, the country’s leading specialist in the delivery of commercial vehicles throughout the UK and Europe:

“I drive a number of different sizes and types of trucks, and TRUCKMATE has proved invaluable. Although I’ve used sat navs for years and they’ve all saved me time, I often used to find myself going 15 miles out of the way before realising I couldn’t go any further. Nothing removes the unique hassles of truck driving like TRUCKMATE.”

Andy Saunders drives for the UK’s leading manufacturer of natural stone and concrete hard-landscaping products:

“There’s nothing like TRUCKMATE on the market, and there’s no comparison with other brands. Every other sat nav was designed for cars, but TRUCKMATE was clearly made with commercial vehicles in mind. Because of the specific restrictions we face every day in our jobs, it’s immensely useful for driving in the city and in the country. I recently lent my device to one of my colleagues, and he didn’t want to let it go!”

Q: How effective are radar detectors?
A: Radar detectors are highly effective. But don't believe us! They have been independently tested and here are some quotes. GPS Systems however are more advanced and offer better all round protection.

"SD7I5i. Able to detect radar at 3741 feet, very similar to SD815iS. Very capable with guns. Gatso cameras. more range than others in its stable. SD81Si. Radar picked up at beyond visible range point. Excellent"
Fast Car

"Snooper picked up the radar and beeped it's alert as soon as we'd rounded the bend. The results off the laser were exactly the same."

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